PVC Nasal Endotracheal Tube(Cuffed & Uncuffed)



Medical PVC, DEHP free, transparent

Nasal preformed to reduce tube kinking during nasal intubation

Used for oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery

High volume low pressure cuff reduces the pressure to trachea

Radio opaque line for x-ray visualization

Murphy eye

Package: 10pcs/box, 100pcs/carton




Size        Reference NO#

4.0         ETT4013C

4.5         ETT4513C

5.0         ETT5013C

5.5         ETT5513C

6.0         ETT6013C

6.5         ETT6513C

7.0         ETT7013C

7.5         ETT7513C

8.0         ETT8013C

8.5         ETT8513C

9.0         ETT9013C



Size        Reference NO#

3.0         ETT3013

3.5         ETT3513

4.0         ETT4013

4.5         ETT4513

5.0         ETT5013

5.5         ETT5513

6.0         ETT6013

6.5         ETT6513

7.0         ETT7013


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